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Simulanis Remote Assist is a cross-platform industry 4.0 productivity application, equipped with a plethora of digital features that provide quick and effective assistance for on-site workers to efficiently perform their tasks.

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Reduce Downtime withInstant and EffectiveOn-Field Support

‘My Assist’ enables you to video call your technical experts who can effectively guide you through the troubleshooting process by placing live markers or annotations on your existing field of view.

Get Rid of PaperMinimise Human ErrorGo Digital

Transforming on-site paper-based procedures with digital instructions that guide you through the process, enhancing productivity and reducing risk of error.

Immediatehassle-freeaccess to all your documents

Store images, pdf files, videos, 3D drawings, SOP’s and other forms of data essential to your work using the “My Docs” feature.

Record. Store. Review.

The my recorder feature allows you to record videos and store it for future assistance in case instant support isn’t available. You can then share it with your colleagues or SME’s for review.

No boundaries,
we offer a complete XR solution.

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