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Why use XR in EHS?

Safety training is an integral part of any organisation in order to protect their most precious asset: the workforce. Manufacturing industries in particular pose hazards to workers due to the presence of dangerous machinery or materials. The smallest of human errors can cause substantial injuries, fatalities and even catastrophic damages to the environment. Sadly, many of the conventional safety training practices are in-effective due to the lack of engagement it offers. In today’s world, there is a significant need for fast, but thorough alternatives of safety training.

fatal and non-fatal accidents at registered factories.


of industrial accidents are caused by such human factors

$38 Billion

estimated to be caused by injuries and accidents in China (EPW)

The XR Way:Safely Explore Unsafe Scenarios & Consequences

Simulanis has developed some of the most advanced and best-in-class safety training modules on XR platforms such Virtual Reality, Desktop and Mobile. With these technologies we are able to simulate cases and scenarios that otherwise would be diffiuclt or even impossible to replicate in reality. Employees in turn, are able to safely explore unsafe scenarious thereby making them better prepared for handle such emergency cases in real life. Furthermore, the immersive and interactive nature of the module empower the user to be actively engaged with the training given. This improves the overall effectiveness but also positively impacts employee motivation.

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  • 56%

    Reduction was recorded in the violation of safety protocol

  • Up to 80%

    Training time reduced

Simulanis Safety Module Library

Simulanis XR Content Libraries are generic learning modules of equipment and practices across industries like Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Automotive, and Automation. It consists of realistic, interactive, and engaging VR, AR, MR, and Desktop Simulations.

Fire Safety

Teaches you the fundamentals of Fire Safety and the correct operation of a Fire Extinguisher.

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Work at Heights

The comprehensive course that raises awareness over the hazards of working at heights as well as the general principles of safety that you should follow.

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Confined Space

Prepares you with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to safely enter a confined space in an industry environment.

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LOTO / Electrical Isolation

Built-in scenarios on types of LOTO including thermal,electrical, pneumatic and product isolation. After approval of work permit and LOTO isolation, the workers were exposed to confined space work activities mentioned in the work permit.

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Chemical Spillage

Chemical spillage on shop-floor is simulated where the users is trained to prepare for cleaning the spillage and protect the area from potential dangers.

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Covers the fundamentals of EHS and the Protective Equipments workers must use.

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Helmet Impact

Wear the Simulanis safety helmet to feel the impact of falling objects when in a working at height scenario.

Heat effect

Smell Effect

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