Future Tech

Simulanis launches its podcast ‘Future Reality’, to discuss everything you want to know about the latest XR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality) developments and future predictions in bit-sized fun episodes!

Future Reality

Episode 1: New Day, New Challenge
Theme: What is the future of Virtual Reality in the post COVID world?

Speakers: Aditya Ganguly & Raman Talwar

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AR/VR, as a piece of technology, is something that I find as magical as I did 3-4 years back. The reasons have changed for sure, back then, a 3D model appearing out of paper would amuse me while now it might be something as advanced as hand tracking in VR, however, just like a lot of other industries, AR/VR had to adapt to , if I am allowed to use the criminally overused term, the 'new normal'.

In this episode, I talk with Simulanis CEO Raman Talwar about the key issues that have been on every XR tech enthusiasts mind post the pandemic:

What's the future of VR in terms of commercial use-cases? How will the coronavirus impact the adoption of VR in enterprises?

What will happen to the companies in the Location Based Virtual Reality Entertainment (LBVRE) domain? I mean, they have raised a substantial amount of funding, are they all going to go down?

And lastly, are there any possibilities that this virus might accelerate the adoption of VR? When travel becomes hard, remote working is the norm, socialising like the old times may not be possible, would VR be the saviour everyone has expected it to be for years?

Let's find out.