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Simulanis traces back its roots in the Pharmaceutical Industry and since then it has been pioneering the applications of XR technology in the domain. The Founder and Core Team of Simulanis bring together years of subject matter expertise in the pharmaceutical space to ensure the technical accuracy of its modules along with digital interaction & engagement in a safer environment.

Key Figures

  • Created 8000 +

    3D Pharmaceutical Assets

  • 30 + Hours of

    XR Content Produced

  • 5000 +

    Trainees Trained

  • Developed 65 +

    Training Modules


Simulanis offers a wide and innovative range of products and solutions to the Automotive sector aimed at enhancing the skill level of technicians, workers and even the laymen to perform repair, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures with ease. Popular products and solutions in the Automotive sector consists of Physical Simulators, XR Training Content Libraries, Remote Assistance, Virtual Showrooms and Configurators.

Key Figures

  • 10 + XR

    Lab Setup

  • 6 Products

    Industry Specific

  • 800% YoY

    Growth Rate

  • 6 + Elite


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas sector is the backbone of our country, and Simulanis has been bolstering up the industry through its XR applications. Simulanis has won HPCL’s Startup Program, and since then it has been building VR/AR/MR training modules for Oil and Gas sectors to mitigate operational errors, ensure workers safety and enhance their competencies across upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas facilities.

Key Figures

  • 30 + XR Modules

    For Repair, Maintenance,
    Troubleshooting and Safety

  • 8 SBU's

    Training Content

  • Across 10,000 outlets

    Solutions to be deployed

  • 6 leading OnG’s

    across the country are
    our technology partners


Human Machine Interface technology plays a pivotal role in connecting people with devices. Simulanis Analytics Suite encompasses various important metrics eye tracking, session time, psychometric & biofeedback data which helps in analysing the overall performance of a worker. Additionally, Simulanis physical simulators like Welding VR, Paint VR deliver proper learning techniques in an economic manner that eases complex engineering processes.

Key Figures

  • 10 + XR

    Lab Setup

  • 10+ XR Modules

    Training Content

  • Real Time

    Data Integration

  • OTS-VR


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