Track, Analyse and Assess
User Performance in XR



SANALEXA is a one-stop Data Analytics Suite to scientifically measure and adequately evaluate the performance of industrious workers as they get adequately trained on VR, AR. MR technologies. The incorporation of analytics into the module helps in steadfastly keeping the record of worker's Cognitive, Behavioural and Personality traits which results in enhancing workers efficiency and overall learning.


Determining the performance of the user while training by capturing key data points such as time taken, errors, improvement shown, user field of view etc.


Capturing the psychology/behavior/ attitude and overall personality of the user by subjecting him/her to pre, mid and post game questionnaires.


Capturing data such as heart rate, nerve impulses , BP etc. to determine the physio - logical changes occurring in the human body while playing the module.

VR-analytics Dashboard comprising of meaningful KPI's of the employee VR performance eventually assisting in talent management processes.

Transformation of employee training through iterative feedback process


End to End Trainee Assessment

Evaluation of employee’s psychology, physiology, personality, skillset, knowledge, and aptitude data.

Creating Cohorts

Effective segregation of workforce ultimately leading to intelligent designed workforce.

Cost Optimization

Our Analytics Suite (SDK) can help you make informed decisions based on training sessions, making it easier for employers to allocate and manage resources in dedicated spheres matching worker abilities.

Powerful Analytics For Everyone

Our three-fold approach to build the analytics suite: pass live in VR datafrom the VR Modules to the back-end portal, analyse the same throughproprietary algorithms, and present results on the front-end dashboard

Performance Dashboard

Visualizations to provide customized VR performance reviews for each employee/trainee.

Performance Dashboard

Visualizations to assess performance across different VR Projects and Employees.

Performance Dashboard

Visualizations to assess performance of employees, difficulty and usage of various VR Training Modules.

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