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    Equipment Operation Training


A science-led global healthcare company and one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies approached Simulanis to create a desktop training module of an isolator for dispensing and milling procedures.

Human error and unsafe behavior may account for as high as 30–40% of industrial accidents, including those caused by inexperienced and unskilled workers.

- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


Client was finding it difficult to train the employees on the operation of Isolator as it’s extremely dangerous if not operated with special care and caution. One small mistake can expose the trainee and the trainer to the API (OHC-5) which is extremely hazardous to human health.

The usual process was slow, required a training personnel all the time, was not very engaging and involved higher costs. The training usually took place in batches of 20 which was often unsuitable given the varying degrees of learning pace, experience and understanding of the trainees. Furthermore, the SOP (Standard Operating Process) was presented in a textbook-ish manner to the trainees which saw considerable low engagement rates.


The challenge was to convert the existing manufacturing plant to a fully maneuverable 3D environment and gamify the steps typically enlisted in a SOP document, and to give trainees and plant operators a real-time experience of practically performing the steps instead of plainly reading them in a word document.

Simulanis Pharma Desktop Solution

Having expertise over years in terms of creating exceptional VR solutions in the manufacturing sector, specifically in the pharmaceuticals domain. Our team of chemical engineers and pharma experts went to the plant site and worked closely with the team to understand the different nuances of the process to deliver a desktop based gamification module each operating step in-line with standard SOP.

Result and Feedback

  • Improved Safety - Incidents such as accidental cases and near misses reduced enormously. The usage of Simulanis’ desktop based solution also brought down the number of safety Violations.

  • Faster Learning and resource efficient -The desktop based simulation allowed trainees to fasten up processes that would otherwise take hours, hence there was significant reduction in training time. Furthermore, lesser resources were employed since many of the processes were simply simulated in the virtual environment leading to resource efficiency and lesser cost spent on overall training.

  • Self - led training program - On the Job training in the Industries requires a trainer to train the employees. Simulanis Desktop Simulation is a self-led training program which works on the ‘Do It Yourself’ approach and it enables site trainees to learn new things by themselves.

  • Personalized - Trainees can often miss out on a lot of concepts when being trained in bulk. The ease of use of the product allows one training product to be used by multiple users on-site.

  • Increased engagement - The trainees started showing engagement and excitement from the first day when it was installed on-site. Learning was self-initiated by the trainees who engaged with the training product even in their free time.

Client’s feedback: