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Multiplayer VR - great boost for meetings, reviews and training

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First of all, we would like to put emphasis on that to really appreciate Virtual Reality and its scope in so many diverse areas, you first have to really experience it. In case you are wondering how to try it out, get in touch with us and we will sort that out for you. If you are still here, we are assuming that you have had the experience of it at some point in time, and are looking for something to further enhance your understanding of it, and really want to apply it to boost the productivity levels within your team, or probably are looking for some novel ways on how to implement state-of-the-art training methodologies in your processes while increasing cross-functional team engagement, or probably are looking for some entertainment and knowledge in the same proportion. Nonetheless, in case you haven’t tried it out yet and are exploring, well, you are at the right place and we are here to give you more understanding of what you might be expecting with the theme being Multiplayer VR.

Virtual Reality has come a long way in terms of adoption, and its applications are increasing by the day. It is now being used in various industries, be it Oil & Gas, Automotive, Defence, Healthcare, Engineering, Construction and even has long-term applications in the Education industry.

Businesses around the globe are developing and constantly working on ways to differentiate their business strategies and standing out from the crowd while adopting new innovative technologies to their benefit. Organizations find hard time adjusting to new technologies as there is a difficulty in integrating newer technologies into their already complex and tedious processes, and have to be rather selective when they are pondering over many feasibility questions like, what to use, when to integrate, where to apply, why the need, and how to deploy. Well, these are the fundamental questions which the organizations have to keep in mind as there is constant shift in technological development, and continuous system upgradations towards the adoption of newer technologies and innovations.

While understanding that VR has great potential and industrial applications, it rather becomes critical to ensure that the integration is seamless, and rather an easy process which the employees can use at any level. While the adoption rates of VR have been magnificent and have been increasing steadily and exponentially, there is always a question we ask to ourselves, ‘What’s next?’

We realised that the employees are craving for engagements within the VR experience, and were wanting more interactivity features. Employers on the other hand were wanting greater flexibility, and productivity tools to engage their employees across the globe, enabling a more meaningful VR experience, one driven with easy knowledge-transfer based solutions. This is where the idea of ‘Multiplayer VR’ really clicked, and although it is having potential applications in Gamification industry at large (in entertainment), we also realised that its scope in industry has still not been exploited. With the use of VR gears, VR analytics and VR development kits, we were able to spin-off a great and revolutionary product called ‘EAGLE’ for a great Multiplayer VR experience, allowing users to collaborate at a global scale, while enabling remote access from the main centre-stage of L&D training centres, and right to the places where the users are based while collaborating with others across different regions, and they don’t have to waste additional time for it.

In our capacity we have identified 3 potential uses of it, with many more in store, and we have delivered some exciting solutions in this domain for our clients:

  • VR MEETINGS - Revolutionizing Communication - Take notes and replace video meetings with VR meetings. Target group - Distributed, Remote Teams
  • DESIGN REVIEWS - Increasing Productivity - Made for design teams engaged in iterative design processes. Target group - Product & Engineering Companies
  • VR TRAININGS - Immersive and engagement-driven learning - Train your employees in VR with increased interactivity while reducing travel and training costs. Target groups – Any company which emphasises on Learning & Development at the workplace

With features ranging from creating your rooms, inviting guests, VoIP enabled, uploading 3D assets, Zoom-in and Zoom-out features, uploading files, VR whiteboard feature, session capture, analytics & reporting, and multi-platform, Multiplayer VR does have loads to offer to the industry. Below are some of the specs of our Pro Eagle VR version and Free Eagle VR version –

According to a report, the top challenges for learning & development are that companies have a limited budget (49%), or that they lack the tools to demonstrate ROI (32%), or they may even have a limited L&D team (34%). Check the figure below:

It is also worthwhile to note that as per the same report, executives at various companies feel that L&D is important and developing the employees is rather a critical need of the hour (please note that the survey is restricted to US-based companies, but in our understanding it does apply at the global level).

At the same it is that much challenging to prove the value of the business to the leadership and ensuring that appropriate metrics are being used to analyse the ROI of L&D programs, which in itself is a daunting task. However, this is made easy with the analytics that we at Simulanis have developed, and with additional features to support cross-region trainings, the EAGLE engine for Multiplayer VR which we have to offer will pave the way for the future learners. The impact of multiplayer VR in L&D is significant, and helps address the above mentioned challenges, including the budget constraints, significantly. The knowledge transfer has become ever more easy, and leaders themselves can engage on the interactive platform to promote learning and development while setting the objectives and reviewing the results of the training effectively. Same applies to Design Reviews – check out this page to learn more.

To learn more about Multiplayer VR, and to deploy them in your existing processes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Simulanis.