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Is remote assistance the perfect service tool for industries?

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In case you are wondering what Remote Assistance is in the purview of an industrial tool, it basically enables the representatives, teams, employees, managers or any other stakeholder for that matter to basically troubleshoot processes or collaborate effectively without any paperwork hassles to remotely take charge, review and provide solutions regardless of different locations of the multiple stakeholders involved. This in turn helps increase the operational efficiency through seamless integration of software and hardware systems by deploying novel technologies at hands.

AR enabled Remote Assistance for instance is a tool wherein you can call your technical experts who can effectively guide you wherever it is that you are facing a problem in the processes at an industrial scale for instance. What you need to do is place live markers or use annotations to communicate the problem in real-time, with a two-way 3D visualization working at all times. The expert can then guide you through the necessary troubleshooting processes.

You also have other features such as screen recording, or taking snapshots, searching your database for the right experts to contact them, and lastly post call feedback as well.

It is a perfect tool for customer service requests which enables quick and easy solutioning mechanisms, and the deployment and use of such a tool/platform can seriously impact the cost-cuttings for various industries. It also helps in the reduction of the paper-waste while companies are increasingly opting to go 100% digital.

The on-site paperwork in various industries can be cumbersome, and that is where Remote Assistance can come into the rescue. You get to send digital instructions or receive them during the entire process which enhances the productivity and reduces the risk of error with the help of precision tracking and marking techniques. You get to organize your workflow as per your needs, share the process completion status, create a checklist, save the workflow, etc.

Industrial Solutions

The remote assist technology can change the way industrial companies troubleshoot and take care of the inquiries at the customer level as well. It helps in optimizing the maintenance work, helps in efficiently avoiding hazards or reporting them, and can effectively guide through a lot of repair and installation work with 3rd parties involved during the commissioning process. It helps in promoting a safe workplace while also increasing customer satisfaction to great lengths.

There are certain pointers you must take note of while choosing the right remote assistance package for such deployments:

  • Method of Delivery – Let’s face it, every other company offers an app these days for even minimalistic solutions where an app is not required and probably the web browser solution could suffice. However, if there are limitations with the browser as you need to take care of all possible integrations for various devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc, along with the bandwidth resolutions pertaining to content modules, then you could always do with an application based solution. You need to select a partner who is proficient and has demonstrated excellence over the course of time.
  • Device specific usage – Let’s understand that providing the remote assist feature across devices can turn out to be expensive. Check which are the most common devices used at the workplace, be it Android devices, or Tablets, desktops, etc. And if price is not a barrier, well at least to certain degree then definitely go for the complete package.
  • Perfect Platform Creation – You need to be sure which features you will need

    (a). CRM integration is required or not? Is it necessary to have customer history so as to help in quick solutioning mechanisms based on past history?

    (b). AR annotations tools – does the processes involve complex troubleshooting processes?

    (c). Are file transferring features required?

    (d). Protocols pertaining to privacy guidelines and secured platform is a must.

    (e). Analytics and reporting tools – again data forms the heart in big organizations to take timely and informed decisions.

    (f). AI - Just like chatbots are enabled for quick and easy solutions online, smart visual tech assistance can become a game changer. It is still in the nascent stage though. Take the decision accordingly.

How Simulanis is shaping the Industry 4.0 revolution by offering AR enabled Remote Assistance technology – we call it “My Assist”

Simulanis Remote Assist is a cross-platform industry 4.0 application, equipped with a plethora of digital features, including the ones mentioned above. This helps in providing a quick and easy alternative to the otherwise complex and lengthy troubleshooting process for on-site workers. It helps to:

  • Reduce Downtime with Instant and Effective On-Field Support
  • Get Rid of Paper, Minimise Human Error, Go Digital
  • Enable immediate hassle-free access to all your documents
  • Record, Store, Review