Oil & Gas VR

Fast, Engaging & Immersive Training

-by Simulanis
  • Hardware

    HP MR Device and Microsoft Hololens

  • Industry

    Automation / Oil & Gas

  • Use Case

    Repair & Maintenance


A Fortune 100 company—a global conglomerate, and an industry leader, approached Simulanis to create a VR Training module for a complex maintenance procedure in their client’s Oil & Gas plant. The project would be a ‘PoC’ for the client’s investors and stakeholders and a start of a long, lucrative relationship if successful.


The VR module was based on the transducer replacement operation of an Ultrasonic Flow Meter installed on the pressurized line of hydrocarbon gas. The retraction tool used for the replacement was extremely delicate and costly, and therefore must be handled with utmost care. The procedure was furthermore extremely complex due to the extensive number of steps involved (approx. 60) and dangerous if not handled with special care and caution. One small mistake can release highly flammable gas into the environment and expose the individuals to the hydrocarbons which can be extremely hazardous to human health. The current training method i.e. classroom training was ineffective as it lacked engagement, practicality and required training personal to be present to all the time which would also implicate higher costs.


The challenge in this case was to build a VR training module on a completely new VR Hardware the HP MR Device, and Microsoft Hololens in less than 60 calendar days.

Simulanis OnG VR Solution

Having expertise in creating exceptional VR solutions for the manufacturing sector and working with such reputable client our team approached this project with great zeal and enthusiasm. Within days after receiving the brief and finalizing the scope, our technical team flew out abroad to visit the plant and gather the data required to kick-start the project. We worked very closely with client’s team to understand the complex range of steps to the procedure, convert them in to Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, and ensure that they are in-line with the maintenance module and standard operating procedures onsite as well as provides the user a realistic and effective training experience. Following a pedagogical approach we also embedded the module with advanced analytics to capture the user behaviour and measure performance. A report for each user-play was generated and stored on server for further analysis. To ensure a timely delivery, the team used a lean management approach to the project and worked exceptionally hard to deliver the final output within the proposed deadlines.

Result and Feedback

The final output on both platforms were delivered within the proposed timelines and presented personally to the client by the CEO. The delivery had been a success which exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of the quality and level of interactions involved. The client appreciated the team’s hardwork, proactive attitude and were particularly impressed at how we managed to deliver such a quality output in ‘record time’. The work was then selected to be presented to the client’s President, Investors and Stakeholders.

Client’s feedback: