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Accelerate your career with professional courses in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Learn from trainers with 5+ years of experience creating AR/VR content for the world’s leading enterprises.

Become a world class AR/VR developer

Accelerate your career in the rapidly growing field of Augmented and Virtual Reality by getting trained from India’s leading AR/VR company.

Augmented and Virtual Reality are evolving technologies which have a powerful potential for growth. By 2021, it is estimated that the combined market size of AR/VR is expected to reach 215 billion U.S dollars. These technologies have a wide array of applications across industries such as gaming, entertainment, arts, education, architecture, real estate, retail and industrial training. With the growing interest and market revenue, large scale companies are looking to be at the forefront of these technologies by investing significant amounts captial and actively looking for individuals with AR/VR skills. The most demanded job role in the realm of AR/VR is the software developer. If you’re trying to break into this industry with limited or no prior experience, you are bound to need some professional training as a well as an understanding of the relative hardware and software involved.
Simulanis Academy have launched a specialised course for AR/VR software development which focuses on obtaining hands on learning to get you industry ready in a short duration of time in order to accelerate your career in this vibrant and growing field. In this course, you will gain the skills needed to create world-class, highly immersive, interactive AR/VR content. The key software you will use in the course will be Unity — world’s most renounced gaming engine. We will teach you the fundamentals of using the gaming engine empowering you to create your own dynamic and responsive VR experiences. You will also learn the fundamental principle of VR design including 3D modelling, animation and user interfaces. At every step of the course, you will be guided by our team of developers who have an extensive cumulative experience of creating some of the most complex, technical and detailed applications for several Fortune 500 companies such as Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, GSK and Accenture.

Course Outline

  • Using Unity Game Engine
  • Basics of 3D Modelling, Animations and UI
  • Introductions to VR / MR Hardware: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Hololens
  • Object Tracking
  • VR Interactions
  • VR Scenes & Objects
  • Using Vuforia SDK for AR
  • Familiarity Maya, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Building Terrain in Unity
  • Mobile Applications

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Course Benefits

In-demand technologies (Gaming, AR,VR, MR, XR)

Training on live projects

Placement opportunities

Training from India’s top AR/VR developers

Certificate from national award winning firm

Comprehensive yet short duration course

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What are AR/VR technologies?

Learn more on our Technologies page.

How long is the course?

The course is 2 months long.

What all will be covered in the course?

You will learn about different game engines (UI & Coding) along with development of AR/VR content.

Will I need special hardware?

You will be provided the necessary hardware during your classes. For practice at home, hardware can be procured directly from Simulanis.

Do I need to have coding knowledge?

A basic idea about coding with a little bit of experience will be extremely helpful.

I already know game development, will this course help?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality development is way advanced than game development. A highly recommended course for game developers.

Will the course be only theoretical?

No, you will get to work on live projects as well.

Will I get placement?

Depending on your performance, placement can be provided.

What is the course Fee?

For detailed information on course fee, contact here.

Will I get certification from Simulanis?

Yes, but you can also opt for official certifications from Unity at an added cost.

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