Practice fundamentals of spray painting & coating techniques

Simulanis Paint VR Suite is integrated with real paint gun designed to augment traditional educational methods and assist in the training of spray painting and coating fundamentals.

Paint VR Modes

PRE-LEARNING STATIC DYNAMIC User will be given training lesson and very simple objects to practice painting Level up - components on conveyor will be in stationary position Components will also move as they move in real paint shop floor area to give ultra-realistic experience


Real Time Analytics

A live performance report is generated after which reviews your performance during the practice. Key date points such as distance, angle of gun from surface, technique error are captured and stored.

Painting Parameters

Painting parameters and standards, followed during painting process, can be added to the VR module, on the basis ofwhich the user is assessed.

Self Guided Learning

User is guided through instructions mentioned in the popups and voice overs and there is no need of the trainer while learning the painting process

Learn by doing

The module enabled users to freely practice the correct technique of spray paining a vehicle in Virtual Reality using the exact tool they would normally use.


No need to practice using real paint or car equipment.

Simulanis Analytics Suite captures and portrays performance metrics.

Practice your spray painting technique anytime and any number of times.

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