Conventional Industrial
Training Methods are


Time Consuming
Lack of Engagement

What we do

Transform Manufacturing Training by Simulating Operations and Processes in Virtual Reality

Stream-line Costs

The modules are self guided and therefore eliminate the need for an instructur to be present at all times. It is a cheaper alternative to other traditional forms of training as it generates a high ROI.

Increase Skill Level

The highly interactive and engaging modules mimic the operations and procedures in a realistic manner in order for effective learning to take place.

Reduce Training Time

The highly interactive and engaging modules mimic the operations and procedures in a realistic manner in order for effective learning to take place.

Enhance Safety

Safely explore dangerous consequences by practicing in a risk-free environment. The repeated practice in VR allows trainees to be prepared in real-life circumstances.



In-Game Notes
CSV Conforming
Mission Based
LTI Enabled
VR Hardware Ready
Information Callouts
In-Game Analytics
SCORM Compliant

Equipment Operations

Equipments in manufacturing can be extremely expensive, complex and dangerous to operate. Access to these equipments is hence is restricted in the early stages of training. Furthermore, changes in equipment and a high job turn over enforce the need for retraining. We specialise in creating highly interactive and realistic simulations of manufacturing equipment so even the layman can learn the operation of such types of technical equipment without stepping a foot in a manufacturing plant

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Downtime is one of the biggest issues in the manufacturing industry as it can lead to significant amounts of losses to a company. Machine break-downs often occur and every minute a manufacturer’s machine isn’t working, revenue is being lost. In order to troubleshoot, a certain level of expertise is required for the specific machine. As machines are often imported from various countries, the relevant personal can be hundreds of miles away which leads to a pro-longed wait and substantial costs to re-locate personal to plant.

EHS (Environment Health & Safety)

With the growing number of accidents in the manufacturing industry, it is critical that EHS standards and regulations are taught to and practiced by each and every individual operating in a manufacturing environment. However many of the trainings given for EHS lacks engagement and is often ignored by workers which can often lead to fatal and disastrous results. Our simulation of EHS modules focus on high engagement and interactivity in order to increase the effectiveness of the training given which in turn can increase the compliance of the measures and hence avoid 'avoidable' disasters.

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